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Conrad Black on invincibility of capitalism and re-establishing America's place in the world

National Post: "The Biden administration has made an almost complete shambles of every policy area: immigration, inflation, COVID, crime and the unprecedented and shameful debacle in Afghanistan. It is increasingly obvious that either Trump or a candidate supported by him and endorsing most of his policies will be elected in 2024, and the renovation of America will resume. There will be a new and more purposeful political elite and a powerful backlash against woke anti-Americanism in the schools and universities, the self-serving hypocrisy of limousine liberals on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, and the narcissistic hypocrisy of Hollywood and Big Sport. In these circumstances, the status of the United States as the world’s most important and influential country will be re-established. China is fundamentally not remotely as strong a country as the U.S. Its institutions are not credible and are universally mistrusted; it has the political instability of dictatorships where succession is always uncertain."

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