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Conrad Black: In the face of Omicron, Canada once again cowers in unnecessary fear

National Post: "...Canada unctuously and robotically shut down and ignored the fact that there was very little danger to healthy young and middle-aged people. There was little media interest in exploring the consequences of such a lockdown for the school population and particularly for the state-operated school systems, where the administrators and teachers generally showed a high state of relief and satisfaction that they were able to be paid to do practically no work and simply conduct what amounted to internet daycare classes...

"The teachers’ unions were allowed to blackmail the parents and retard the development of their children, even as non-unionized schools demonstrated that children were usually minimally affected or asymptomatic and that schools were not large sources of transmission. Even public parks were closed and some outdoor gatherings were banned, though it became clear early on that the illness was not likely to be transmitted under these conditions. Many office-based businesses could be conducted virtually. But many other businesses, such as manufacturing and hospitality, had to shut down and while some of their laid-off employees were jubilant about being paid to do nothing, many, and most of their employers, were, if compensated at all, very inadequately so. Much of the private sector became insolvent as our governments indebted us with profligate and sanctimonious enthusiasm. Behind it all was the tocsin sounded from that centre of globalist homogenization and socialist regimentation, the World Economic Forum, in the dismal town of Davos, Switzerland: this was an opportunity for reorienting society that should be seized and imposed..."

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