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Commie rag 'Jacobin' breaks its head doing mental gymnastics, calling Freedom Convoy anti-worker

Jacobin Magazine: Emily Leedham's hot-take is one of the most insane screeds out there, and keep in mind: she has Singh and Trudeau to compete with. Emily Leedham, a champagne socialist to be sure, says that the working-class protest, which is being opposed by Big Government, Big Business, Big Pharma, and Big Media, is anti-worker; that supporting workers' bodily autonomy and pointing out the discrepancy between the pandemic experience of white-collared elites and blue-collared patriots is being discounted while Big Pharma dollars are being stacked.

When Emily Leedham says the Freedom Convoy is far right, she means far right of Kautsky. Even that is not true, granted the protesters are multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and politically-diverse. Leave it to the pinkos to parrot statist talking points.

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