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CDN financial/ banking system in serious trouble as a result of Liberals' attack on private accounts

TLF: 'Indeed, the first response to many who witnessed the gleeful declarations of the Canadian government as they expressed their intent to utilize their emergency power, was that this was seriously going to undermine faith and confidence in the Canadian financial systems. The RCMP is the Canadian equivalent of the FBI.

'If the government can work with the RCMP to target people based on an arbitrary political decree, and then control your bank account while simultaneously giving financial institutions liability protection for their participation, the confidence in the banking system is immediately undermined.

'What might seem like a great tool for political punishment has long term consequences, especially if people start withdrawing their money and/or shifting the placement of their investments to more secure locations away from the reach of the Canadian government. Considering the rules of fractional banking and deposits, it doesn’t take many withdrawals before the banks have serious issues.'

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