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CCP Collaborator: Huawei confirms Jean Charest offered assistance on Meng Wanzhou case

TNC: Communist 'Chinese telecom giant Huawei has confirmed that Conservative leadership candidate Jean Charest’s work for the company included “limited assistance” with the extradition case of chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou.

'Huawei vice president of corporate affairs in Canada Alykhan Velshi said that while the company would not be wading into the Conservative leadership race, they felt compelled to clarify Charest’s role with them after receiving multiple questions about it.

'“Huawei is grateful to Jean Charest and the team at (law firm) McCarthy Tetrault for their loyal advice and support since mid-2019,” said Velshi in a statement to Global News on Tuesday. “The firm’s strategic support has mainly focused on 5G and the Canadian business-regulatory environment.”'

The CPC cannot afford to allow a Commie-compromised Quebecer to further destroy the party.

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