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Canadian women in tech sign letter pushing companies to subsidize slaughter of US employees' kids

TPM: 'According to CTV News, at least fifty "prominent women in Canada's tech sector" signed an open letter to employers expressing their concern. Signatories included Summit Nanotech CEO Amanda Hall, Real Ventures managing partner Janet Bannister, Borrowell co-founder Eva Wong, and Willful CEO Erin Bury.

'They urged companies who employ women in the US to cover the travel costs for those who seek abortions, and assist anyone who wishes to relocate to areas where the practice is accessible.'

Nothing says 'solidarity' liking making sure your comrades south of the border don't bring life into this world or incur to your employer the more substantial cost of paying for maternity leave. You know what is better than parenthood? Wage slavery and padding the profit margins for an utterly indifferent corporation.

Amanda Hall, Janet Bannister, Eva Wong, and Erin Bury want other women's babies butchered for profit. What a bunch of ghouls.

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