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Canadian wages shrink amid mass immigration

Breitbart: Wages in Canada are shrinking under the double damage of immigration and inflation, says a report by Bloomberg News.

“About 1.9 million [immigrant] newcomers entered the country in the five years through December … [so] workers, with fewer labor shortages acting as leverage, are scoring tiny wage increases — currently running at 2% on average — that leave them poorer after inflation of almost 5% is factored in,” says the November 21 report.

"In the five years through 2020, about 1.9 million newcomers came to the country, up from 1.2 million the previous five years. (The U.S., nine times the size of Canada, saw its net flow of immigration drop to about 3.8 million over that time, from 4.5 million.)"

Big Business, in cooperation with the Liberal regime, is driving down citizen wages, prioritizing foreign nationals in the job queue, and waging class warfare on the Canadian poor.

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