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Canadian State Media runs cover for Chrystia Freeland after she poses with neonazi banner

State Media: 'In the photo, Freeland is shown holding a section of a black and red scarf bearing the words "Glory to Ukraine" written in Ukrainian. A day later the tweet was removed, but not before right-leaning media groups accused her of posing with a pro-Nazi banner. A second tweet was sent from Freeland's account showing her without the scarf.

'So what is the history of this banner, and why has its presence become so controversial?'

The Liberal Party's apparatchiks ask the question, but then give a bullshit, diversionary answer. The fact is that Stepan Bandera was a nasty white-supremacist and the colors Chrystia Freeland held up were associated with anti-Semitic neo-nazis.

It's worth revisiting the fact that the Azov Battalion, an openly neo-nazi force within the Ukrainian national guard, is getting financed by the Trudeau regime.

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