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Canadian pro-life and medical freedom protestors could face 10 years in jail under proposed bill

Life Site: "A new bill proposed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government could have pro-life and medical freedom protesters thrown in jail for 10 years under Criminal Code amendments.

"The Liberal government under Trudeau has introduced three bills since the federal election in September. One of those bills is Bill C-3, which intends to amend the Criminal Code of Canada.

The bill reads:

This enactment amends the Criminal Code to, among other things, (a) create an offence of intimidating a person in order to impede them from obtaining health services, intimidating a health professional in order to impede them in the performance of their duties or intimidating a person who assists a health professional in order to impede the person in providing that assistance; (b) create an offence of obstructing or interfering with a person’s lawful access to a place at which health services are provided, subject to a defence of attending at the place for the purpose only of obtaining or communicating information; and (c) add the commission of an offence against a person who was providing health services and the commission of an offence that had the effect of impeding another person from obtaining health services as aggravating sentencing factors for any offence."
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