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Canadian patriot asks Trudeau to stop hiding like a coward, & 'come and speak to us to our faces'

Breitbart: 'Wendy came to support the demonstration in the nation’s capital from Peterborough, ON, approximately 300 kilometers southwest of Ottawa. Breitbart News invited her response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s repeated denigration of Canadians opposed to his policies as engaging in “racist, misogynistic attacks.”

'Wendy said, “I’ve been saying for a bit – almost jokingly – for Trudeau to come and say these things to our face, and I heard a couple of truckers say that. Trudeau, we want you to come and talk to us. You owe us that. You’re our leader, and you need to come and figure it out. You need to talk to us and you need to address the people that are here to see you.”'

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