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Canadian federal bank tracked customers supporting Freedom Convoy: internal documents

TPM: 'An Access to Information request by Blacklock's Reporter has revealed that Farm Credit Canada (FCC) Regina demanded that employees record the names of customers who supported the Freedom Convoy financially. Internal documents show that staff were even compiling names after the Emergencies Act was lifted FCC chief operating officer Sophie Perreault wrote in an email on February 23 that customers involved in the convoy should reported "immediately."'

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Oct 17, 2023

But the news that I heard was they are recording the names of only those who are supporting the Freedom Convoy financially.

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jone martin
jone martin
Oct 06, 2023

Hey PopCan I appreciate your work, you collect data about current affairs and post here. As I came to know about a crackdown, the crackdown on Canada's Freedom Convoy was more elaborate than previously thought.

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