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Canadian drillers are waking up from NDP & LPC-imposed stupor as war leaves world begging for oil

Calgary Herald: 'The early signs of drilling interest in Canada contrast with the industry in the U.S., where President Joe Biden and oil executives are at odds over boosting production. While the number of new, active U.S. rigs jumped the most last week since Feb. 11, the increase — just eight — showed CEOs’ reluctance to take advantage of higher prices with fresh exploration.

'In central Alberta, the CEO of closely held DeltaStream Energy Corp. says he’ll drill more wells this year to boost production 18 per cent. Whitecap Resources Inc. CEO Grant Fagerheim said his company will soon review planned spending for the second half of the year, which could boost the company’s 2023 production but not earlier.

'These are, to be clear, smaller producers that focus largely on non-oilsands projects with quicker turnaround times than those run by large producers. And yet they represent a clear awakening in the C-suites of the world’s fourth-largest oil-producing country.'

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