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Canadian charity associated with University of Toronto rejects Jordan Peterson's donation of $70,000

Remember when Marvel Comics ridiculed Dr. Jordan Peterson, caricaturizing him as a Nazi and intimating he was somehow evil?

Well, Jordan Peterson--a University of Toronto professor and classical liberal who has spent the majority of his life helping people of both genders and all races take on more responsibility and become their best selves--fought back, parodied the Hydra logo by adding lobster elements (a callback to a viral element from his best-selling book 12 Rules), and sold the resultant merch.

All of the money raised from that merchandise Peterson donated to charity. Or tried to.

According to Mikhaila, a UofT-associated mental health charity rejected Peterson's $70,000 donation to avoid associating with a clinical psychologist and academic who helps people for a living.

$70,000 is a robust annual salary for a healthcare worker. During the current labor shortage, $70,000 is seven $10k bonuses for workers who might otherwise leave. $70,000 is additional care for people in need.

But some pink-haired lunatics would rather prioritize false virtue over the health of their patients.

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