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Canadian 'Anti-Hate Network' grifters caught spreading hate hoax to smear truckers

Information Liberation: 'Bernie Farber's "Canadian Anti-Hate Network" received $268,400 in funding in 2020 from PM Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party...

'Bernie Farber...current leader of the "Canadian Anti-Hate Network," was caught spreading a hate hoax on Sunday in an effort to smear Canadian truckers.

'Farber posted an image of an anti-Semitic flier and said it was, "Taken by a friend in Ottawa at the Occupation. Apparently in plain sight."

'It turns out the exact same photograph was shared by someone on Twitter two weeks ago in Miami.'

'After being exposed, Farber blamed his "friend from Ottawa" and insisted the "friend" told him they "saw the same thing," though Farber himself said he "cannot attest to it" as he's not even in Ottawa.'

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