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Canada’s state-run broadcaster must pay millions in damages for not reporting in a ‘fair’ manner

LSN: 'State-run Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was ordered to pay nearly $2 million in costs and damages in a defamation case for failing to report in a “fair” manner, a judge has ruled.

'According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Justice Herbert Rempel of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench ordered the CBC to pay $295,017 in additional costs (legal fees) along with $1,659,403 in damages that were awarded in December 2021.

'“The CBC took very strong positions during the course of the trial that were not supported by the facts as I found them,” Rempel wrote.

'The combined damage awards are some of the largest payouts in Canadian history.

Last December, Rempel said the CBC had to pay investment adviser Kenneth Wayne Muzik nearly $1.7 million after finding the network had defamed him in 2012 with various reports.

The CBC had run a report with the headline “Is Your Money Safe?” that included a photo of Muzik.'

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