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Canada's first Tim Hortons automated drive-thru opens nears Windsor

National Post: 'Located at 5250 Walker Rd., the Tim Hortons now has a second automated drive-thru lane, eliminating face-to-face communication with staff.

'At the new lane, guests still order at a menu board, but instead of pulling up to a window to pay, they make their payment at a card reader by the menu board. As customers pull up to an automated window, which adjusts to the height of their vehicle, an employee inside the building loads their order onto a conveyer belt that carries the order over the traditional drive-thru lane to the pick-up point.

'The traditional drive-thru lane where customers give payment to staff at a window and are handed their orders remains active.'

As wages are hiked to keep up with the inflation for which the Trudeau Liberals bear significant blame, employers--whose costs are also rising--will continue to look for ways to automate their processes.

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