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Canada’s answer to Space Force

Space News: 'Royal Canadian Air Force Brig. Gen. Michael Adamson, the services’s director general for space, said Canada is following its allies who have created similar organizations. The U.S. has a Space Force expected to number 16,000 people at full strength, but Adamson noted that Canada’s version would be much smaller.

'“It makes logical sense for us to look at standing up a Canadian Space Division that basically generates those forces that will then be able to be employed in operations for army, air force, navy and SOF (special operations forces),” Adamson said.

'The Canadian Space Division proposal is making its way through various organizations in the Department of National Defence and ultimately will be sent to Defence Minister Anita Anand. “We hope to have sign-off and stand up of the Canadian Space Division at some point in the next six to eight months,” Adamson said. “As we move forward to standing up the division, it’s just going to cement that [space] is critical to what the Canadian Armed Forces does at home and abroad.”'

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