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Canada might look dead but she is far from finished

Crisis Magazine: 'When Leif Erikson brought his Vikings to Newfoundland, he brought priests with him. They planted grapes that grew so well that they called the land Vinland, or “Vineland.” There must have been a spat of man-made climate change a thousand years ago because grapes do not grow well in the frozen Maritimes these days. In any case, they used those grapes to make wine, and they used that wine in the Mass. Is there anything more quintessentially Canadian than a Christian Viking?

'About 500 years later, John Cabot picked up where Erikson left off, and he brought the Cross back to Canada for the Catholic England of Alfred the Great.

'Jacques Cartier brought the Cross deeper into the nation on the eve of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s conquest of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico.

'This nation is not just a collection of beavers and hockey players, but instead she is the progeny of Catholic Vikings and Christian Kings. She is going through her Passion, and those who seek to live in the truth and with the Truth are suffering because of the actions of wicked men and women who seek to “make themselves like gods.”'

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