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Canada is soft on Communist China and the U.S. knows it

National Post: "While Trudeau has the good sense to no longer speak quite so fondly of a country that held two Canadian hostages, his government remains alone among the Five Eyes in issuing no formal ban of Huawei’s 5G technology, which our allies fear could be used for spying. Trudeau’s cabinet also abstained from a February vote to declare China’s acts against Uighurs genocide.

"Earlier this year, two Chinese scientists were fired from a high-level Winnipeg virus lab for possible national security breaches. That’s essentially all the public, and even Parliament, knows about the matter, because Trudeau’s government asked courts to block the release of documents related to the incident. The feds quietly dropped the request in mid-August, but it’s still unclear if or when unredacted documents will be made available to MPs."

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