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Canada can help wean Europe off Russian energy. But do we have the will to do it?

Financial Post: 'Being able to export gas from the East Coast would put Canadian gas geographically closer to the European market than the U.S., which ships from the Gulf, or from the Middle East. An east coast hub with two terminals — the other in Nova Scotia — could replace a sizeable portion of Russia’s supply...

'European countries, especially Germany, are too dependent on Russian oil and gas and it is a major geopolitical risk for Europe. It hinders the continent’s response to the invasion of Ukraine and other unforeseen risks in future years. Even though oil from Alberta cannot directly reach Europe, better access to world markets through the Trans Mountain Pipeline would increase price stability and help Europe indirectly. High oil and gas prices are financing Russian aggression and the war effort as Europe is giving Russia the financial resources to wage war on Ukraine....'

Net zero is a joke and the West is the butt of it. Communist China, Russia, and India aren't making any meaningful strides towards their targets while Canada destroys its own industry and makes itself uncompetitive. It's time to take advantage of our natural resources and make Canada prosperous again. To do so, we'll have to get rid of the NDP and Liberal regulations and policies caltropping our energy sector.

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