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Brooklyn subway terrorist is a black supremacist

ZeroHedge: 'Frank James, the person of interest in the #Brooklyn subway mass shooting, has many videos on YouTube discussing his militant black nationalist views. He recently expressed disappointment that Justice Ketanji Jackson is married to a white man. ...

'NYPD cited James as a "person of interest" in the attack during a Tuesday press conference. When reached by the Daily Beast, one of his sisters, Catherine James, said she hadn't spoken to her brother in a few years, and that he “kept to himself." "I don’t know what might have been his motivation. Last I spoke to him was like three years ago," James said. "We don’t keep in contact with each other...I don’t know what he was thinking, I don’t know anything about why he might have done what he did." The NYPD said during last night's press conference that, due to James' comments about the mayor, they will be tightening his security.'

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