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Britain, US, & Australia join forces to develop hypersonic weapons, but exclude self-parodic Canada

National Post: 'Britain, the United States and Australia on Tuesday agreed to cooperate on hypersonic weapons and electronic warfare capabilities, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said, following a call between leaders of the new defense alliance.

'The new AUKUS alliance, launched last September, prompted Australia to cancel a contract for a conventional French submarine in favor of a nuclear submarine program supported by the United States and Britain, damaging relations with French President Emmanuel Macron.

'Canada’s exclusion from the pact represents growing suspicions about both the Canadian commitment to the rules-based international order and the tacit “grand strategy” underlying our defence policy, Mitchell writes — defend Canada, defend North America and contribute to international peace and security.

'“Canada has skated on thin ice so far this century. It’s avoided confronting the erosion of its strategic defence,” Mitchell said.'

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