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Bridge blockades are a 'speck of dust' for inflation: Rosenberg

BNN: 'Prominent economist David Rosenberg said the blockage of one of the most important land transport routes between Canada and the United States will be nothing more than a “speck of dust” for the longer outlook for inflation.

'Protesters that were blocking the Ambassador Bridge were forcibly removed by police late Sunday after six days, allowing traffic to start flowing between the two countries again. While the halt of commercial trucks further strained supply chains in numerous industries including the auto sector, Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at Rosenberg Research & Associates, said the impact will be fleeting.

'“In the overall scheme of things, that is really a speck of dust on anybody’s longer economic outlook. We’ll definitely be talking about something different than these demonstrations that have made it to the front page of the papers [for] the grand total of three weeks,” he said in an interview on Monday. “It was big while it lasted and now it’s subsiding.”'

TL:DR: The protesters weren't hurting the economy or Canadians anything like the inflation we've got to deal with, which is the result of Western governments printing too much money and devaluing our currency.

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