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Bloomberg: Working-class Canadians support truckers, rich & keyboard-class wholly indifferent

Bloomberg: 'Groups known to have experienced more work inflexibility during the pandemic were more likely to respond positively about the demonstrators, who drove columns of big-rig trucks into the capital city to protest against Covid-19 restrictions. Offshoot demonstrations spread to key border crossings, prompting Trudeau to invoke emergency police powers.

'Roughly 33% of people who couldn’t work remotely or digitally showed at least some sympathy for the protesters. By contrast, only about 18% of Canadians who didn’t need to leave home for work felt similarly. Among those who could work remotely part time, 27% expressed some support.'

Interesting: those who are financially secure and or those who can work in their pajamas are indifferent to the struggles of working and middle-class Canadians who have to work on-site, in-person, and with the public. Conversely, those who work retail, with their hands, in-person, on-site, were sympathetic with the Freedom Convoy.

It's almost as if support was stratified along class lines: as if the people demonizing the truckers (i.e. the media establishment, the detached elitists and bureaucrats in Ottawa, the political class, and the keyboard class) are the same who've benefited from or at least not suffered greatly from draconian pandemic protocols and medical tyranny enforced federally and provincially. Politicians gave themselves multiple raises during the pandemic, while reaping the fruits of the underclasses' labor, only to then savage the people who kept their pantries stocked, their homes heated, their services going, etc.

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