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Beware the black flag

American Thinker: Brian Parsons: 'Buried in the archives of George Washington University are declassified documents presented to John F. Kennedy by the head of the chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in March of 1962, sixty years ago this month. The contents of these documents, codenamed Operation Northwoods, detail a proposal for the United States government to dress up agitators as Cubans and then commit a series of terror attacks in Miami and Washington, D.C. as a pretext to justify war with the Castro regime in Cuba. Fortunately, President Kennedy rejected this proposal, and JCS chairman Lyman Lemnitzer was subsequently relieved of his post. Unfortunately, General Lemnitzer would go on to head up NATO for the U.S. throughout the duration of the Vietnam War....

'...A recent black flag event that you may be aware of is the attack in Douma, Syria in 2018. In the waning days of the Syrian Civil War, Bashar Assad inexplicably gassed his own people with chemical weapons in the city of Douma. Within hours, anti-Assad forces were calling this an act of a maniacal dictator and demanding the removal of Assad from Damascus, the stated number-one priority should Hillary Clinton have been elected in 2016. The characterization of the Douma attack in the Western press made little sense. Assad is a physician by trade, so at least in that regard, he is not a stupid person. By the time this chemical attack happened, Assad had largely won the war. Gassing his own people only served to galvanize the international community against him and resultingly get bombed by the West.

'Perhaps at no point since the Cuban Missile Crisis has the world been more on edge regarding the potential for cataclysmic nuclear war. The existence of Operation Northwoods is irrefutable proof that some in power think so little of human life and so highly of war that they would instigate warfare under false pretenses to garner the support and the will of the public into violence against people who've done nothing to them....' Read the rest of the article HERE.

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