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BC to destroy museum celebrating civilization, spend $789M on revisionist indoctrination center

National Post: The anti-Western iconoclasts have gotten their way again. Any museum that would dare point out the fact that pre-settler Canada was an uncivilized land where nomadic peoples waged constant war on one another; where slavery was ubiquitous; where few saw old age; where the wheel had not yet been invented; and where there was no written language, is a museum that cannot stand. Any museum that celebrates the sacrifice of young men who died so that we might be free; that extols the best and the greatest of yesteryear; and notes without apology the inventors and inventions that have transformed the world, cannot stand. Any museum that is not obsessed with race and degenerate lifestyle choices cannot stand. So it is unsurprising that one such museum is set for demolition.

'Only months after a controversial decision to dismantle much of the Royal British Columbia Museum in the service of decolonization, the government of B.C. Premier John Horgan has just announced plans to demolish the facility entirely and replace it with the single most expensive museum in Canadian history.

'On Friday, Horgan’s office announced a $789-million grant to build a “safer, more inclusive and accessible” provincial museum.

'The grant only represents the provincial contribution, and the final construction costs could be increased even further by federal and private grants. But even at $789 million, the cost is already well beyond any other museum construction or expansion in Canadian history — all the more so because the RBCM already owns the land and artifacts for the new facility.

'The Royal B.C. Museum is one of the province’s most-visited attractions, and one of the top-ranked museums in the country. But the building has been under partial closure since January, when management abruptly decided to dismantle its popular human history galleries in the name of “decolonizing” an attraction they said was shot through with “systemic racism.”'

The funny thing about pissing away hundreds of millions of dollars on this new woke museum—a museum that will be perpetually empty, save for those occasions when pink-haired elementary teachers want to fill their students' minds with garbage OUTSIDE of the classroom—is that the radicals this iconoclasm is meant to please will never be pleased.

The left can only destroy; it cannot build. And so after erecting some heartless, postmodern shambles (i.e. where the truth is slaughtered), the professionally-offended will find further cause to be upset, and so calls for destruction will kick up again.

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