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Bayer Executive Says mRNA Vaccines are Gene Therapy

The Epoch Times: 'A speech made last year by a Bayer executive mentioning that messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines are gene therapy is gaining traction on social media for the second time since it was initially posted online in October 2021.

'Stefan Oelrich, a member of the Board of Management of Bayer and head of the Pharmaceuticals Division, gave a speech at the World Health Summit focused on biotechnological innovation. He said his company is “really taking that leap … in cell and gene therapy.”

'“Ultimately, the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cell and gene therapy,” Oelrich said at the event’s opening in Berlin....

'...A pioneer of the mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone, who calls the COVID-19 vaccine a genetic vaccine was de-platformed from all major social media sites, for raising concerns over the safety of the vaccines and the mandates.

'The government and vaccine makers deny the claim that the mRNA vaccine is a gene or cell therapy and say there is no risk of the vaccines integrating with our DNA or entering the cell’s nucleus that houses our DNA.'

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