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Based Bergen: Trudeau's sledgehammer tactics to deal with protest must be rejected

National Post: 'Truckers and millions of Canadians felt they had no recourse with this prime minister. Who can blame them? After all this was a PM who called them racist and misogynist. He said their views were unacceptable, they were on the fringe.

'When truckers and their supporters arrived in Ottawa, what did the prime minister do first? He hid for a week, and then he continued his insults. Calling them and anyone who supported them or even talked with them, Nazi supporters. We even saw that name calling and unfair and mean-spirited characterization happen just (Wednesday) by the prime minister in this House.

'That is all he did to try to rectify the problem: call names and insult.

'Many of these people are our neighbours, they are our constituents, they are Canadians who want to be heard and given a little respect by their PM.

'The prime minister has decided that because he disagrees with them and doesn’t like their opinions, he won’t hear them.

'At every turn, the prime minister has stigmatized, wedged and divided and traumatized Canadians.

'And now, without even a single meeting with a trucker. Without talking through their concerns. Without apologizing for his insults, and listening to what people had to say. And without using any other tool at his disposal. He has chosen this overreach, this Emergencies Act

'This is wrong.'

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