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ArriveCan ‘glitch’ ordering vaccinated Canadians into quarantine without reason

National Post: 'According to the government of Canada’s ArriveCan app, David Crouch should be at home, avoiding all contact, quarantining, to protect others from the COVID-19 there is absolutely no indication he has...

'Audrey Champoux, press secretary to [the liar] Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino, wouldn’t comment on any individual cases including Crouch’s, but said the government believes ArriveCan is a valuable tool for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and is working for most people.

'“Use of ArriveCan is extremely high – according to our most recent statistics, it was successfully used by 99.52 per cent of those travelling by air and 89.20 per cent of those travelling by land,” she said.

'She acknowledged there have been problems, but stressed the government isn’t looking to use the app to punish people.'

Arbitrary coercion isn't a glitch in Trudeau's Canada. It's a feature.

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