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Anti-Western WEF stooge Gerald Butts upset over Pierre Poilievre wishing Christians a happy Easter

National Post: Would-be federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre faced a small but intense backlash on social media recently when someone unearthed an old newspaper advertisement he had taken out offering his Christian constituents best wishes for Easter: “He is Risen!” it read, with a photo of Poilievre’s mug attached and his contact information below.

It was a bog-standard political greeting: just last week, Justin Trudeau’s Twitter account carried best wishes for Nowruz, Holi, Purim and St. Patrick’s Day, with the PM’s grinning face attached. And “He is Risen!” is a bog-standard seasonal greeting among many observant Christians. The He in question is Jesus, obviously, not the person saying it.

Well, that was obvious to me. I’m not so sure about some others. “Jesus Christ,” much-decorated political cartoonist Michael de Adder responded disapprovingly on Twitter. And “This kind of batshi–ery is very common with the U.S. *Christian* right,” tweeted Gerald Butts, formerly Trudeau’s principal secretary and chronic foot-in-mouth sufferer. “Google Trump and Jesus sometime.”

The bigot Butts, like the Liberal Party of Canada, despises Christianity (practicing / orthodox Catholics in particular). Gerald Butts, involved in the SNC Lavalin scandal with his fascistic boss, Justin Trudeau, is a World Economic Forum stooge and purveyor of deviant, anti-Western propaganda. He's desperate to paint Pierre Poilievre, the next leader of the Conservative Party, as an extremist, suggesting that Easter wishes are "battshittery"; curious when they'd resonate with the majority (38.7% of Canadians are Catholic; 23.5% are Protestant; and 5% are Anglican). We all know the truth: Butts and his ilk hate Christians as much as they despite the working class and the West at large.

Butt's Tweet, archived:

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