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Alberta's forecast of massive swing to surplus not just 'heyday oil prices,' says finance minister

Financial Post: 'The province will end the year with a far smaller deficit than initially projected: $3.2 billion, and budget surpluses in each of the next three years — a massive reversal in fortune from only a year ago when the province was anticipating an $18-billion deficit in 2021-22.

'“There’s no doubt that energy prices are playing a role and non-renewable resource revenues are a significant part of the revenue mix. It is true,” Travis Toews said in an interview following the release of a new budget Thursday. “But we’re also seeing significant strength in personal income tax revenues and corporate tax revenues.'

Quebec and the Maritimes are no doubt happy to hear it, as they've never stop siphoning money via equalization from the industrious provinces they've done their political and bureaucratic best to destroy.

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