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AGAR: Any of us could get caught up in Trudeau's net

Toronto Sun: 'Axe-wielding protesters attacked workers, caused millions in damage, and set up blockades in an ongoing protest capturing the attention of the public and galvanizing the media.

'Well, most of that is true, except for the part about people caring.

'A group of about 20 people armed with axes attacked pipeline workers in British Columbia on Thursday, traumatizing them by smashing the windows of vehicles with their axes, and, in one case, attempting to set an occupied vehicle on fire.

'Some of the pipeline employees were trapped in this organized, violent attack, but managed to escape.

'Roads were blocked as protestors carried out what the RCMP says could have resulted in serious injury or death. Chief Superintendent Warren Brown says it was a calculated and organized violent attack that left its victims shaken and left behind a multimillion-dollar path of destruction...

'...The event last week was not a one-off. A previous blockade of the pipeline project lasted 59 days. Almost three times as long as the Ottawa protests. How is 59 days not an occupation?

'Meanwhile, politicians and people who only approve of protests for causes they believe in are acting like the truckers are the ones wielding axes and willfully destroying property.

'To be clear, we don’t need the Emergencies Act to deal with the pipeline protests either. It is a police matter, as is Ottawa.

'But the government’s total focus is on the truckers in Ottawa.'

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