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A tin pot despot

Word of Damocles: 'Trudeau has refused to do the simple, peaceful, effective thing. In the process, he’s likely reduced his own goodwill (watch this clip of a yesterday’s session of Parliament) and increased that of his opposition. Why? From the start, his actions have looked more like a demonstration project than an attempt to address a serious issue. That demonstration is one of power. It’s a message to the truckers, yes, but to all Canadians as well, now and in the future. It says plainly that this government can and will assert its power over the people arbitrarily, without the need for consistency, honesty or even good sense. It will even do so outside the bounds of the law as plainly set down by Parliament.

'Trudeau’s assumption of dictatorial powers comes as no surprise. A little over eight years 'ago, he was asked which country he admired the most outside of Canada. His answer? China, specifically because it’s a dictatorship and dictatorships get things done. Unmentioned was the fact that much of what dictatorships “get done” is at the expense of the people they govern. Just ask the Uyghurs. Dictators of all stripes invariably consider themselves superior to those they govern and that the will of the people is at best an inconvenience and at worst sedition. What they often fail to grasp is that, if they thwart peaceful protest today, tomorrow’s protesters may resort to violence as the only way to be heard.'

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