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A handbook for schoolkids Liberals are funding is propaganda

Toronto Sun: Gunter: 'According to the website Blacklock’s Reporter, on Wednesday the federal cabinet approved a quarter of a million dollars for a group called the Canadian Anti-Hate Network to produce propaganda for school children that seeks to demonize Conservative parties in Canada as hotbeds for white nationalists and other racists.

'The group’s upcoming publication, Confronting and Preventing Hate in Canadian Schools, to be distributed to young people across the country, encourages them to view Canada’s pre-1965 flag, the Red Ensign, as a hate symbol and claims – not once, but twice – the Conservative Party of Canada has been infiltrated by racists.

'And if students hear other kids at school saying good (or even uncritical) things about Donald Trump, they are to rat them out to teachers.

'Why are we spending taxpayers’ money on something that promotes such an obviously biased stand? (And how is it ‘anti-hate’ to insist right-leaning citizens are more likely to be racist?)'

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jone martin
jone martin
21 mai

I can't understand why this propaganda. whole handbooks are best for school kids as they can learn and improve the writing.

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